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Julia Holter - He's Running Through My Eyes

Today’s Track of the Day comes from a beautiful place; Julia Holter’s heart. In another mellifluous example of infusing several genres of music together the Californian composer, and I shall call her that as ‘He’s Running Through My Eyes’ and other delicacies from latest record Loud City Song suggest and deserve so, has harnessed, channelled and then projected the inspiration from Sidonie Gabrielle Colette’s famed French novel Gigi into a precious piece of her own.

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Gigi’s plot focuses on a young Parisian girl being groomed for a career as a courtesan, and her relationship with a wealthy cultured man named Gaston whom she falls in love with and eventually marries.

Holter beautifully leads the listener through the enclaves of the young women’s heart and mind as she falls deeper into the crimson clutches of her man’s desire; each passing second of the track paints a picture, with Holter’s vulnerable vocal delivery acting as the fine tipped brush and her minimal lyric the easel.  I can only imagine our lady sat in her solitude, nervous, apprehensive and unsure if the feelings she harbours are mutual, desperate for emotions not to be unrequited, she’s fallen and his figure is tattooed upon her iris.


“Oh this time my stubborn mind will take his love seriously.

But when the summer’s over, will he remember winter words?

Do men’s hearts grow old, lullaby?

He’s running through my eyes.”


The classical piano throughout only seems to emphasise the above while transient horn adds a disorientating spiritual slant to the song’s spectrum. As is the majesty of Holter’s arrangement, it only takes a mere two minutes for the listener to almost become our young Parisian and any music that harbours such ability is a more than worthy Track of the Day for Far Out Magazine.

If this appeals to you then I would highly recommend Holter’s third, and most recent, album. If not, well, give it a whirl anyway as you never know what internal changes may incur.

Joshua Hevicon