Josh Homme and Jack White discuss making records, mobile phones, and who would win in a fight on Beats 1 radio show 'Alligator Hour'


Jack White was the latest guest on Josh Homme’s Beats 1 radio show ‘Alligator Hour’ and opened up about writing the new Raconteurs record, that mobile phone comment and who would win in a fight between White and Homme.

Queens of the Stoneage frontman Homme has been running the show since 2015 after the launched the show shortly after Beats 1 begun. But it was his latest show with White which caught our eye. One of the first thing up on the agenda was the recent admission that White doesn’t carry a mobile phone with him.

White said: “What I don’t like is the generalisation of different cultures, if you generalise everything about them, usually that’s considered a politically incorrect thing to do. If someone says: ‘How do you record your album, Jack?’ I say I record it on tape. OK, I got my headline: ‘Jack White hates all technology’. Got it. That’s not what I said. You’re just asking what I prefer, but then it becomes – now I’m defending what I’m actually doing in real life and I shouldn’t have to do that.”

White and Homme then discussed their work as artists and the requirements of them as musicians. White confessed: “The best thing about being any kind of artist, a painter or sculptor, you start off your day not giving a fuck what anyone thinks.”

He continued: “Then there are moments when people tap you on the shoulder and try to get you to care about what everyone else thinks and remind you the artist is in service of the people. The artist is not at the service of the people. It’s only when artists can interact and can share with other people.”

Homme then opened up with his own insight: “It’s a dangerous thing to circle back and listen to what your supporters are saying or wanting. If you’re lucky enough to have a following, they’re supposed to be following you. If you go by committee now you’re following them. I think that’s how toilets are made. Swirling toilets. You cannot check with your audience. You can’t move forward.

“You have to foster this relationship and environment based on change where they can see you’re in motion because you’re either growing or dying,” he continued. “For some people that’s sales, for some people that’s a philosophical thing for inner growth and imagination, and what you’re headed for. So I see the need to keep moving, but it’s a dangerous game to play because you acknowledge you have an audience if you’re lucky enough to have one, but you could lose a portion of them every time.”

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White, turning his attentions to the recent Raconteurs reunion, said: “I feel like, with The Raconteurs we just released a record. What’s cool about this to me the most when I’m staring at the mirror for hours, which I do every day, I feel most proud that I didn’t plan this year at all. I didn’t plan this record. I didn’t plan to call these guys up.”

But the best moment came when the pair were discussing who would win in a fight between the pair. Homme was convinced White would win but Jack countered “When we were on tour? No, absolutely not, but I don’t know why that’s such a thing [for them to fight].”

“See, that’s so us, that we would both say the other,” Homme said before White highlighted that Homme is “like six inches taller than me”.

“I’m actually a hugger,” Homme replied.

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Source: Beats 1

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