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(Credit: Jose Gonzalez / Press)


Jose Gonzalez shares dreamy new single 'Head On'

Jose Gonzalez - 'Head On'

Jose Gonzalez is a special talent that never fails to dish out a moment of calm, and he’s achieved this again with his dreamy new single ‘Head On’.

The Swedish singer-songwriter returned earlier this year and shared his first piece of new music in six years. This prolonged period hasn’t been spent drifting into obscurity, however. Gonzalez’s life changed in 2018 when he became a father and it is a theme that he wrestled with on his comeback single, ‘El Invento’, which arrived as the first song that he has released in Spanish.

‘Head On’ is the third instalment from his upcoming album, Local Valley, which arrives on September 17th. The track is all about staying focused despite everything that life throws in your direction, and Gonzalez’s calm persona makes you believe every word he hushes.

“I wrote ‘Head On’ as a combat song or a list of instructions…a manual,” the Swede commented. “I mean both straight ahead’ and head ON – as in switching on your mind. It was inspired by Fela Kuti’s ‘Zombie’ and the way I used to write lyrics for my hardcore band. It’s also in the vein of my song ‘What Will’ from 2015.

“That one and this one are both anti dogma, pro reason songs. Some of the terms I use like ‘rent seeker’ or ‘value extractor’; are from books on economics that I’ve been reading, like The Value of Everything by Mariana Mazzucato.” 

Speaking about the album, the singer noted: “I set out to write songs in the same vein as my old ones: short, melodic and rhythmical. It’s more outward-looking than my earlier works, but no less personal. On the contrary, I feel more comfortable than ever saying that this album reflects me and my thoughts right now.”

Although Gonzalez writes from the heart, he always looks to discover a universal message in his work, and the reassuring ‘Head On’ is a fine example of his talent. Sometimes you need to take a step back and listen to something serene. If it’s a moment of calm your searching for, then look no further than ‘Head On’.