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José González shares new single 'El Invento'

José González - 'El Invento'

José González has shared his gorgeous new single, ‘El Invento’, which arrives as his first slice of new music in six years.

Even though the Swedish singer-songwriter hasn’t released new music in a prolonged period of time, he hasn’t drifted off into obscurity and endlessly toured until he became a father three years ago. The joys of fatherhood are the topic that González wrestles with on this delightful effort: an ode to his daughter, Laura. González is far from prolific, and a six-year wait isn’t anything out of the ordinary by his standards. His debut album, Vener, came out in 2003, which he followed up in 2007 with In Our Nature, and his third full-length effort came in 2015.

‘El Invento’ poignantly marks the first time that the singer, who is of Argentian parents, has ever released a song written in Spanish. Even though the lyrics are in a foreign language, the song’s loving sentiment remains.

“Every now and then I try to write lyrics in Spanish – this time I succeeded! I guess talking to Laura in Spanish every day helped,” González said about the song. “I started writing ‘El Invento’ around 2017 when she was born. The song is about the questions – who we are, where we’re going and why?

“Whom can we thank for our existence? Historically, most traditions have invented answers to these questions. Thereof the name of the song: The Invention (God).”

The singer-songwriter first debuted the track last year during the 2020 Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies performance. The message of love that he has for his daughter is tangible across the two and a half minutes running time of ‘El Inventor’. When the world feels particularly intense and anxiety-ridden right now, González breaking his six-year silence with ‘El Invento’ is an appreciated gift that we should all indulge ourselves in.