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Johnny Rotten and Marky Ramone fight on punk rock panel


Johnny Rotten and Marky Ramone launched into a verbal fight while appearing on a punk rock panel in Los Angeles.

The duo were appearing as part of the discussion to celebrate Epix’s new docu-series Punk and things got a little heated when Ramone didn’t take kindly to mocking by the Sex Pistols frontman.

According to Rolling Stone, Lydon laughed while Marky was talking about the legacy left by The Ramones before coming out with “[You’re] not even an original Ramone!” in typically Lydon style. In response, Marky quipped “But I did the Blank Generation album with Richard Hell, and you took his image. All you guys took Richard Hell’s image. That’s all you did.”

What ensued was a hilariously bitching in front of a live audience. According to Rolling Stone, this is the full :

“And you’re still covering your fucking ears,” Lydon said, grimacing that he’d gotten a rise out of the drummer.

“And Sid Vicious was the star,” Ramone said, prompting Lydon to smile and stick his tongue out. “That’s right, he was,” Lydon replied. “He was the star for asshole fake idiots like you. Enjoy your drugs and fuckin’ have a happy death.”

Lydon then continued his attack on the drummer. “Punk music for me was positive, proof positive, that we could change our lifes by music, meaning what we said, attack the political systems,” he said. “This daft cunt is into fucking drugs.”

“You talk the talk, but you didn’t do the walk, just like the MC5,” Ramone said. Lydon then stood up and danced around, “Hello, Johnny Rotten never did the walk?” Then as Ramone continued, Lydon looked at him and said, “Look at you, you look like a heavy-metal fucking reject.”

“Sit the fuck down,” Ramone said.