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John Waters claims that young directors don't want to make art films: "They want to go to a mall"

Nicknamed the ‘Pope of Trash’, John Waters has made some of the most delightfully transgressive films in the history of American cinema. Good art is always transformative which is why it is almost impossible for anyone to sit through the horrors of exploitation flicks like Pink Flamingos and not come out at the other end as a completely changed person.

In a new interview with the New York Times, Waters spoke at length about various aspects of the current condition of the film industry as well as modern culture. According to Waters, even his own films have been subjected to the current version of cancel culture while previously, he was regularly criticised by the conservatives.

“I want movies to disturb me,” Waters said, claiming that many of his works are now more transgressive than ever before due to the shifting cultural frameworks. “But that’s mainstream taste basically: People don’t want to be disturbed. I don’t think that’s anything new…Pink Flamingos probably violates more values now than it did then.”

Waters also joined the ongoing conversation that had been popularised by Martin Scorsese when he compared Marvel films to amusement parks. According to Waters, the new generation of filmmakers is too preoccupied with the oversaturation of special effects while not caring about the other elements of making arthouse cinema.

“They want to go to a mall. They want to sit in stadium seating. They want special effects,” Waters added, explaining that he was always drawn to the more clichéd use of special effects in classic films which had a lot of thought and innovation behind them.

“To me, cheesy special effects are much more fun than these new ones.”