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(Credit: Joost Evers / Anefo)


John Lennon’s glasses go up for sale in new Beatles auction


John Lennon’s glasses are due to be sold as part of a brand new major Beatles memorabilia sale held by the world-famous auction house Sotheby’s.

“Sotheby’s celebrates the world’s greatest pop group by offering a compelling selection that traces The Beatles from schooldays to global superstardom,” the auction house said. “The Beatles’ early years are represented in items ranging from a teachers’ list of John Lennon’s school misdemeanours, to handbills advertising some of their early concerts in the Liverpool area, to a belt worn by Lennon on stage in Hamburg.”

Adding: “A rare signed first pressing of their first single, ‘Love Me Do’ is the first amongst several attractive signed items—photographs, programmes—many of which were inscribed at key moments in the band’s history. They’re also more personal items in the sale, notably a pair of John Lennon’s familiar round glasses, possibly the first pair he ever owned, as well as artworks by Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison.”

The auction, which is being held online and launched September 23rd, tracks the rise and fall of the Beatles through a series of now-iconic items. While Lennon’s glasses remain one of the highlights, the auction also includes intimate items such as his school detention sheet, the first vinyl pressing of ‘Love Me Do’, numerous photographs and rare prints, Brian Epstein’s watch and many more.

See the full auction, here.

(Credit: Sotherby’s)

The sale comes after Lennon’s now-iconic sunglasses were sold for an eye-watering £137,500 during an auction in London.

The gold wireframe glasses with round green-tinted lenses were sold at auction by Sotheby’s after Alan Herring, a former chauffeur to members of The Beatles, held on to them for more than 50 years.

Herring, who was originally hired by George Harrison, ended up working for Ringo Starr for a period of time while Harrison took a prolonged break in India. According to Herring, Lennon had accidentally left the sunglasses in the back of Ringo Starr’s car in the summer of 1968.

“I had picked John up with Ringo and George in Ringo’s Mercedes and driven the boys into the office,” Herron explained. “When John got out of the car I noticed that he’d left these sunglasses on the back seat and one lens and one arm had become disconnected.

“I asked John if he’d like me to get them fixed for him. He told me not to worry they were just for the look. He said he’d send out for some that fit. I never did get them mended I just kept them as they were as John had left them.”

He added: “This lot is accompanied by a letter of provenance.”

(Credit: Sotherby’s)