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(Credit: Halloween)


John Carpenter describes ‘Halloween Kills’ as a “slasher movie times one hundred”


Horror master John Carpenter has ramped up excitement around the upcoming Halloween Kills which will take the slasher genre to a new level.

The film, which will arrive as the direct sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 effort Halloween, will see ‘The Queen of Scream’, Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her role as Laurie Strode and will again be directed by David Gordon Green.

With Carpenter back on music duty for the project, Halloween Kills will see the likes of Nick Castle, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Anthony Michael Hall, Kyle Richards and more starring in the project.

“The next entry in the revived Halloween franchise, following Laurie Strode and her family as they are once again forced to confront the psychotic and murderous serial killer Michael Myers,” the official film synopsis of the 12th Halloween effort reads.

Halloween Kills, which has faced delays amid the current health crisis, has now been pushed back until an October 2021 release date. Despite the issues, Carpenter has described the latest effort as “intense and brutal” in a new interview with IndieWire.

“The cut is done,” he said in the interview. “They’ll mix it in New York in the next week or so. Then it will be in the can. My work is all done.”

“The movie is something else,” Carpenter added. “It’s fun, intense and brutal, a slasher movie times one hundred, big time. It’s huge. I’ve never seen anything like this: the kill count!”

See the teaser trailer, below.