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Jimmy Cass In Bloom


A couple of days back we talked about Danny Sangra‘s new film Goldbricks In Bloom, we also talked about one of our favourite underground musicians Jimmy Cass, who has previously released records under Men’s Adventures and is currently working on multiple solo projects as well as producing records for other artists. A busy man!

Following previous collaborations with director Danny Sangra, including Casual Sci Fi, Cass contributed several songs to Sangra’s debut feature-length Goldbricks In Bloom, including the main theme and closing credits. The film has already received critical acclaim since its late November release this year.

It’s a partnership founded on a similar desire, not to casually flout convention, but to reinterpret those conventions by viewing the base concepts of their mediums through the lens of personal experience.

“I reached out to Danny because I liked his work and had been looking to move into film for a while.” Something the multi-talented Cass is able to do.

“He asked if I’d be interested in collaborating with him so I gave him access to a load of unreleased and unheard music that I’d been working on and he picked out several tracks that he’s gone on to use in multiple films, Including his first feature, which is great!”

What is getting us hyped is that the plethora of choice Sangra had to choose from only bodes well for forthcoming releases from Cass. With projects cropping up, seemingly, on a daily basis, there’s going to be a lot more to hear from this guy soon.

You can hear movie opener ‘Keep It In The Family’ right here and like the film itself, it won’t let you down.