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Danny Sangra’s ‘Goldbricks in Bloom’ might be the best fiver you’ll spend this week

Sometimes at Far Out we like to give you a little taste of not exactly what is circulating the globe, clogging up feeds or making office talk feel palatable – but what should be. The release of a feature length film from Danny Sangra is one of those things we should all be talking about.

The film follows young, creative professionals in Brooklyn and injects a humour in to modern day setting at the at times ridiculous pursuit of ‘cool’. It reflects on characters that many of us will recognise in our day to day lives following two distinct creative paths, one which follows integrity and the other reality – and does so with a gleaming, glaring glint in the eye.

As you might expect it also features a banging soundtrack with a few tracks from former member of Men’s Adventures and Far Out favourite Jimmy Cass (who has some more work in the pipeline). Add to this the fantastic technique, stylistic integrity and wonderful story and the fiver or so it will cost you to buy from Vimeo seems too good an option to pass up.

Take a look at the Trailer here.

Goldbricks In Bloom from Danny Sangra on Vimeo.