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(Credit: Jessie Reyez)


Jessie Reyez opens up about how Amy Winehouse helped her mental health


Jessie Reyez has spoken about how listening to Amy Winehouse‘s music helped her overcome a spell of depression.

Reyez released her debut record Before Love Comes To Kill Us last month which was a statement of intent by the Canadian-Colombian singer-songwriter.

In an interview with NME, she has opened up about her past struggles with mental health and how the music of Amy Winehouse acted as a beacon of light for her during difficult times, saying: “I loved Amy so much – her creations, her soul, her ability to put emotions into these sad songs that made me feel like I had a friend in the dark,” she explained.

Reyez then continued to explain more about the situation she found herself in: “It’s difficult when you’re a teenager and you’re going through depression. The first time you get your heart broken you feel like it’s the end of the world. It’s almost like it’s the first time you feel physical pain from something you can’t see. That’s a mind fuck. When I heard Amy, I heard my pain in her voice and it just made me feel less alone.”

Paul Weller last month also spoke about his love of Winehouse and about their collaboration ‘Don’t Go To Strangers’: “She was just amazing, she came down to rehearsals and just blew all of us away.” Winehouse has been making waves in Camden ever since she arrived and has become a staunch part of the iconography of the area.”

Weller then poignantly added: “We were just astounded at how great she was – naturally gifted she was. Sorely missed. She was just a great personality as well, just a natural God-given talent, you know.”