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Jeremy Corbyn pledges support for independent live music venues

British music almost entirely supports Jeremy Corbyn (Labour leader) across the board for the upcoming election. Now to add to this he has pledged to support UK independent live music venues if he becomes Prime Minister on Thursday (June 8).

Speaking in an interview with The Independent he said “What you have is a number of independent venues, sometimes pubs, cafes, so on, that have become almost informal live music venues,” he said, “and the small cafe does well and ‘hey presto’ along comes Costa, Starbucks, Nero or something to take it over.

“[It’s] the same with pubs, which are often very reluctant to have live music on. Those live venues are absolutely crucial to the future of the music scene. So the £1,000 pub-licensing rebate is a good thing – we want to extend that a lot further.”

Corbyn also expressed the importance of musical education in schools. “What I’m interested in is the sense of expression that music gives people, hence the points I’ve been making endlessly about musical instruments children for children. Any teacher will tell you that a child learning music at school is likely to do better at a lot of other things,” he said, “because there is a discipline in learning music, a sense of rhythm, a sense of timing involved…”

We don’t want to sway any voters, but, just don’t be a dick. Vote on Thursday.

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