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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addresses crowd at Libertines gig


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn turned up to address 20,000 people at the Wirral Live music festival inside Tranmere Rovers’ Prenton Park stadium over the weekend.

The crowd, waiting to see headline band The Libertines, was treated to a Corbyn speech that saw him pledge to force Premier League football clubs to invest five per cent of their income in grassroots football if his party win the upcoming General Election, which takes place on June 8.

“This is a fantastic chance and opportunity,” he said. “Merseyside has a history of music, and is the music capital of our country. I want a country where everybody can play sport if they want to, every child can learn music, and society is brought together by that. Do you want housing, do you want care, and do you want a society coming together? Or, do you want selective education and fox hunting?”

The 67-year-old went down went down a storm with the indie kids who returned the favour with chants of “Jezza, Jezza” and “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn”.