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Jennifer Coolidge claims that Ariana Grande saved her career

Jennifer Coolidge established herself as a comic actress through her appearances in popular film franchises such as American Pie and Legally Blonde. In recent years, she has been taking on voice roles in various projects with the notable exception of the acclaimed show The White Lotus and Coolidge claimed that it was Ariana Grande who saved her career.

Coolidge’s recent performance in The White Lotus was the perfect example of what she brings to the table. She starred as a grieving older woman who travels to a luxury resort in Hawaii to disperse her mother’s ashes in the ocean. As a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Coolidge puts in a fantastic performances that reaches the domain of the surreal.

With the awards season kicking off, The White Lotus has been nominated for several accolades and Coolidge herself has landed multiple nominations including a Golden Globe bid for Best Supporting Actor. Due to the success of The White Lotus, the show has already been renewed for a new season and it will revolve around a different group of characters.

According to Coolidge, her career was saved by none other than the wildly popular pop icon Ariana Grande who popularised the actress by doing an impression of her. She decided to respond to Grande on social media to tell her how much she liked it and ended up landing a part on her next music video for ‘Thank U, Next’.

“You should know that was the beginning of a lot of cool things that happened for me. I was going through a dead zone and not much was going on, then Ariana did this imitation on your show and you encouraged her,” Coolidge said on the Jimmy Fallon show. “Then this ball got rolling. My friend – who’s her age – was like, ‘You should DM Ariana and just say you thought it was such a good imitation.'”

Watch Ariana Grande do an impression of Jennifer Coolidge below.