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Credit: Steve Gullick


Jehnny Beth shares new short film for 'I'm The Man' with an intro from Cillian Murphy

Though she may be best known as the charismatic lead singer of Savages, Jehnny Beth is a solo artist to be reckoned with. Her artistic vision is always held at the forefront of her work and the new short film for ‘I’m The Man’ is a testament to that. We’ve made it our Track of the Day.

The singer has employed some wonderful collaborators on this project for the single which was released last month. The track was originally heard on Peaky Blinders’ fifth season and Jehnny Beth made those connections pay dividends on the new film.

Jehnny Beth shares an utterly mesmerising new short film, written and directed by Peaky Blinders’ acclaimed writer/director Anthony Byrne. Just to add a little extra fuel to the Peak Blinders fire, the video also features a spoken-word recitation by actor Cillian Murphy of a piece entitled ‘A Place Above.’

The song may have already been officially released as part of the Peaky Blinders soundtrack which came out on November 8th, but this time it feels like Beth is very much in the driving seat.

The protagonist in the short film the artist is a swashbuckling, ballsy and ultimately aggressive embodiment of the song’s themes. She snarls across the midnight street and delivers an engaging performance amid the polished style that Byrne brings.

It’s a truly brilliant watch and another reason to keep your eye on Jehnny Beth for any hint of a new solo album

Jehnny Beth has today also announced that she will be performing at All Points East in May 2020 as her first solo live performance.