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Jeff Koons to create NFTs series of sculptures being sent to the moon


Jeff Koons is the latest artist to clamber aboard the NFT train as he looks to ‘venture into the metaverse’ with digital sculptures that will be placed on the moon.

Now, if that opening sentence is twisting your melon somewhat, then just imagine what it would’ve been like reading that ten years ago. Our comprehension of NFTs is still very limited and yet they continue to spring up everywhere it would seem. 

This time, they’ll even be springing up on the lunar surface as Koons looks to create the “first authorised artworks to be placed on the surface of the moon.”

As Koons expressed: “I wanted to create a historically meaningful NFT project rooted in humanistic and philosophical thought. Our achievements in space represent the limitless potential of humanity.”

Continuing: “Space explorations have given us a perspective of our ability to transcend worldly constraints. These ideas are central to my NFT project, which can be understood as a continuation and celebration of humanity’s aspirational accomplishments within and beyond our own planet.”

For the project, Jeff Koons: Moon Phases, the renowned artist has teamed up with the female-owned space company 4Space and a string of other corporations: Pace Verso and NFMoon. 

To clarify, essentially what is happening is the world’s most expensive artist is sending a series of sculptures to the moon via the Nova C lunar lander and digital renderings of these lunar-based statues will also be available to the public as NFTs. 

As of yet, the sculptures themselves are yet to be seen and it is unclear whether they will be to the Martian crowd’s liking when they arrive. Meanwhile, people on Earth wonder whether it is worth the wild emissions and other such sensible questions.

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