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JD Wilkes & The Dirt Daubers - You Know I Love You


Forget the miserable neighbours and any idle threats the authorities may serve; just turn it up, turn it up as loud as your speakers, ear drums and walls can stand. Today’s Track of the Day piece could well end there as sometimes words, though insightful they may be, can only complicate. The music, especially the rampaging, rip-roaring type often speaks volumes for itself and our selection is certainly of such ilk, yet ‘You Know I love You’ by JD Wilkes & the Dirt Daubers doesn’t speak, it screams in that sultry way only true Rock&Roll records can.


With its high octane rhythm, raucous guitar parts, a female vocal depicting relationship perils partnered with that old time, ever present piano ‘You Know I Love You’ presents the perfect ode to America’s rich Rhythm & Blues past; Throughout the three minute explosion I envisage scores of disenchanted youth ditching the religious scriptures, slicking back their hair, rolling up their skirts and shooting off the to the town’s late night venue.

 Founded by JD Wilkes, the white Howling Wolf whose vocal wails allude to being fed strong tobacco and Tennessee whiskey from birth, the Dirt Daubers are entwined with the eclectic guitar talents of Rod Hamdallah, the tight drumming of Preston Corn, Ralph Carney’s (Tom Waits’ sideman) dangerously cool baritone sax skills and, of course, the vivacious rasps of Jessica Wilkes. To top this off the tune and the album, Wild Moon, it’s taken from comes produced by the legendary Cheetah Chrome, guitarist for the Dead Boys (Sonic reducer) amongst many others.

Raw, gritty and with a sound pumped full of hedonism, if I was to liken to this lot to anything I’ve heard post 1960 then, for me, it’d be Dr.Feelgood and just like listening to the Canvey Island rockers you know exactly what you’re in for…  JD Wilkes and his Dirt Daubers aren’t here to touch your soul, they’re here to shake, rattle and roll it up.

Unfortunately the original video for ‘You Know I Love You’ is no longer available, so for people unfamiliar with Spotify here’s ‘Let It Fly’ from the Wild Moon album.

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Joshua Hevicon