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(Credit: Jayda G)


Jayda G shares new song 'All I Need'

Jayda G, the British by-way-of Canada house DJ and remix extraordinaire, has dropped a new single, ‘All I Need’. The song will be featured on the artists new DJ Kicks compilation.

Like any good house track, ‘All I Need’ is funky, effervescent, and extended for maximum danceability. At six minutes, the longer cut ebbs and flows with an infectious rhythm and unquenchable energy.

In the name of journalistic duty, I have listened to both the six-minute original version of ‘All I Need’ and the sub-four-minute single edit. And let me tell you folks: the longer cut is the way to go. Single edits notoriously cut entire verses, solos, or outros from songs that are essential to their character. Nothing drastically affects the single edit of ‘All I Need’, but it’s clearly inferior to the longer original. It’s like reading the Clift Notes instead of enjoying the full ride, extended breakdowns and all.

The song’s video contains grainy footage of classic rave scenes from Canada’s past. “While this type of older footage is common in the UK and Europe, the rave scene was not prominent in Canadian music culture at the time,” Jayda G explains. “With the visuals placing me at this 90’s rave set in the BC wilderness, the watcher doesn’t know the difference between what is happening now and what was then, truly emulating the words and sentiments of the song in ‘how I feel know, how I feel then, nothing, nothing, nothing has changed’.”

G has been riding a highly acclaimed wave in recent years, from the release of her debut LP Significant Changes to her work remixing Dua Lipa‘s ‘Cool’ to her own EP Both of Us/Are You Down being nominated for a GRAMMY in the category of Best Dance Recording. ‘All I Need’ continues that hot streak in grand fashion.

Check out the video for ‘All I Need’ down below. The DJ-Kicks compilation is set for a May 14th release.