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Jason Blum is convinced he could get Robert Englund back for 'Elm Street' sequel


The horror movie maestro and Blumhouse producer, Jason Blum, has said that he wouldn’t have any trouble coaxing Robert Englund back to reprise his role as Freddy Krueger in a new A Nightmare On Elm Street movie. 

Speaking to Screen Rant in a brand new interview, Blum told the publication, “I could make him come back,” before boasting, “I could get anyone back. I mean, Ellen Burstyn was 87, I got her back in [the upcoming sequel to] The Exorcist”.

Finding great success in recent years, from commercial triumphs in Paranormal Activity, Insidious and The Purge, as well as critically acclaimed releases, Get Out, Us and Whiplash, Blumhouse has grown to become a significant production company in modern cinema. 

With a sequel to the classic The Exorcist, directed by David Gordon Green, due for release in 2023, a modern version of A Nightmare on Elm Street is certainly also on the cards. Back in 2019, the estate of the film’s director, Wes Craven, was looking into a new movie in the franchise, exploring a collaboration with HBO Max for a remake. The previous film in the iconic horror franchise was released back in 2010.

Wes Craven’s fleshy supernatural slasher is a creative masterpiece of the subgenre, creating one of cinema’s most subversive and iconic villains, Freddy Krueger. 

Starring a young Johnny Depp, Craven’s film follows the evil spirit of Freddy Krueger, a deceased child murderer who seeks revenge from the grave on the children of those who sent him to his death. Featuring revolutionary, grungy special effects and a truly unique sinister entity, straight from the camp underworld, A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of slashers’ best and most unsettling.