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(Credit: Mariel Argüello)


Jarvis Cocker suggests fame is like pornography in new interview


Speaking with The Sunday Times, the Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker compared the notion of fame with pornography in a new revealing interview.

The singer suggested that he felt somewhat hollow after reaching the top of the musical pile with his band, Pulp. By doing so he completed a lifetime goal but he still craved fulfilment.

“It was a very strange time for me because I’d achieved my lifetime’s ambition and then found that it didn’t satisfy me,” he said. Cocker was speaking in regards to the sudden burst of fame he and the band achieved with the explosion of their Britpop anthem, ‘Common People’.

The singer continued by comparing fame to the cheap thrills of porn. Of fame, he said it “reminded me of pornography. Of how pornography takes an amazing thing – love between two people expressed physically – and kind of grosses it out.”

After achieving his goal and reaching an insane level of fame, Cocker was left confused thinking “What am I gonna believe in now?”

But Cocker clearly did get things in order eventually as he still ranks as one of Britain’s dearest musical men. 25 years on from the excess of Britpop and Cocker is now turning his attentions away from personal glory and towards more pressing matters.

His upcoming solo album JARV IS will arrive this week on Rough Trade and see the singer train his eye on the escalating severity of the society around us. Judging by recent cuts, ‘Must I Evolve?’ and ‘House Music All Night Long’ it’s going to be another gem.

For now, listen to the brand new cut form the record, released over the weekend, ‘Save The Whale’.