(Credit: Japanese Breakfast)


Japanese Breakfast share 'Sable' soundtrack cut 'Better the Mask'


American alternative rock band Japanese Breakfast have teased their latest song, ‘Better the Mask’, appearing in the trailer for the new upcoming indie game Sable.

There are a few acts that I will never get tired of covering here at Far Out. It seems like I’m writing weekly, if not daily, pieces on bands like Wolf Alice and musicians such as Little Simz, but I’m not complaining because both those artists are awesome and deserve the coverage. You can safely put Michelle Zauner, AKA Japanese Breakfast, in that same indefatigable category.

Whether we’re talking about her new album, her songs being sung in Simlish, her new memoir, or the movie studio that bought the rights to said memoir, there always seems to be something new to talk about in the world of Japanese Breakfast. I have no idea how Zauner finds the time to take on all of these projects and still, you know, eat and sleep and function as a normal human being, but I will be eternally grateful for all the quality material she produces.

Her latest project is soundtracking the indie game Sable, perhaps as a warm-up for soundtracking the Crying in H Mart movie. Described as “a coming-of-age tale of discovery through exploration across a strikingly rendered open world desert,” Sable looks like a unique third-person story that heightens elements of fantasy and elaborately detailed landscapes. It looks beautiful in the trailers, and coming from someone whose previously purchased console was a PS3, Sable is a game that I would totally watch one of my friends play and occasionally ask what’s going on.

I guess there’s a reason my job doesn’t include video game reviews. Nevertheless, ‘Better the Mask’ is a weighty piano ballad that continues to explore Zauner’s expanded musical horizons that were firmly established on her latest LP Jubilee. That includes a stirring string section to add emotional weight to the delicately sung vocal lines. It has an epic scope that seems perfectly made for a soundtrack of quests among robust fantasy worlds.

Check out the trailer for Sable down below.