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Japanese Breakfast announces new book 'Crying in H Mart'


Japanese Breakfast, the solo musical project of Korean American musician Michelle Zauner, has announced a new book entitled Crying in H Mart.

According to a press release, “Crying in H Mart is Zauner’s story about growing up Korean-American, losing her mother too young, searching for identity in a hybrid culture, and finding a passion for her ancestry and Korean cooking as a way to heal and return to her roots in the wake of loss.”

The book will be released via Knopf and is a follow-up to the article essay of the same name Zauner published in the New Yorker last year.

The last music we heard from Japanese Breakfast came in the shape of Soft Sounds from Another Planet which was ranked within Far Out Magazine’s Top 50 Albums of 2017.

Speaking about the record, Far Out said “the follow-up to Japanese Breakfast’s critically acclaimed debut was always going to be tough. The new work, a self-reflection that looks out at the cosmos in search of healing, finding inspiration in science fiction, outer space, and the Mars One Project, landed perfectly on planet earth.”

“Proof that Michelle Zauner is perpetually otherworldly.”