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Jamie T shares new music video for 'St George Wharf Tower'


Jamie T fans, rejoice: the London musician has just shared a new track from his forthcoming album. The arrival of ‘St George Wharf Tower’ follows the release of ‘The Old Style Raiders’ and ‘Keying Lamborghinis’, all three of which are set to appear on The Theory Of Whatever – slated for release in July.

The offering has been released alongside a new video directed by Jacob Erland (Palace, Little Boots, Kaye Young) in which the singer is seen walking along the Thames in Vauxhall, the spectral Vauxhall Tower looming in the distance. “Vauxhall high-rise life,” he sings of the infamous building. “Are you living in the clouds or on the A3205?/It’s hard to say but I hope you’re happy now.”

Set for release on July 29th via Polydor, The Theory of Whatever is Jamie T’s fifth studio album, marking his first full-length offering since 2016’s Trick. Opening up about the record in a recent statement, the musician said: “I was struggling to find my direction with the record for a few years, really,” before going on to reveal that he wrote something like 180 songs before finding the right sound for the album.

In a review of Jamie T’s recent single ‘The Old Style Raiders’, Far Out wrote: “The anthemic hymn to hopefulness is the lifeblood of his forthcoming album, The Theory of Whatever. The record saw him team up with former Maccabees guitarist Hugo White on production duties, who keeps things as flowing and euphoric as ever with his latest work in the hot seat. The pairing produces a sound that is both as breezy as a butterfly but laden with sonic stings too, and there is absolutely nowhere that fans won’t be revelling in it. It’s a last-minute header at the back post belter.”

Jamie T recently played his first show in five years at London’s Subterania. The intimate show saw the musician give ‘The Old Style Raiders’, ‘Keying Lamborghinis’ and the to-be-released ‘A Million And One Ways To Die’ their live debut.

Jamie has also unveiled a 15th-anniversary reissue of his debut album Panic Prevention. Featuring singles such as ‘Sheila’, ‘If You Got The Money’, and ‘Calm Down Dearest’, the classic album was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2007, losing out to Klaxons‘ ‘Myths Of The Near Future’.