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Jamie T returns with triumphant new single ‘The Old Style Raiders’

Jamie T - 'The Old Style Raiders'

Jamie T was the Harrington clad hero of many indie kid’s youths. His first album in six years seems to triumphantly hark back to those days with his latest anthem, ‘The Old Style Raiders’, offering up an air of nostalgia and reverie. 

While some cynics might wage around the term ‘legacy acts’ about the recent indie revival, there is nothing wrong with a bit of reminiscence when the time is right. The glasses Jamie T is serving his new music through are neither rose-tinted nor a pastiche of the past, but rather a send-up to youthfulness that fans will joyously relish in reclaiming. 

After recent years, a bit of retrospect is, in fact, a visceral tool amid the current zeitgeist. As Jamie T explained himself: “It’s got hope in it.” That much is clear from the chant-along chorus which hears him yell, “Told to fight for something you love in life.”

As Jamie T continues: “It’s fighting to find something that means enough to you that you love. The fight to find that, and carry on striving, to find something you love enough to hold on to. Rather than kid love or movie love or gushy love or lust love, whatever you have when you’re younger—it’s actually trying to fight for something that means more than that. It’s the struggle to find that.”

The anthemic hymn to hopefulness is the lifeblood of his forthcoming album, The Theory of Whatever. The record saw him team up with former Maccabees guitarist Hugo White on production duties, who keeps things as flowing and euphoric as ever with his latest work in the hot seat. The pairing produces a sound that is both as breezy as a butterfly but laden with sonic stings too, and there is absolutely nowhere that fans won’t be revelling in it. It’s a last-minute header at the back post belter.

The album is due for release on July 29th, and you can check out the new single below. 

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