Jacuzzi Boys - Sun


Floridian party perverts Jacuzzi Boys are back with another hit from their forthcoming EP Happy Damage and the tripped out and blissful ‘Sun’ is now our Track of the Day.

A garage rock anthem is normally what will be served up at the barbecue a la Jacuzzi, but this time we have a little extra tropical twist added. Expect mango chicken in your burger today. Taken from the forthcoming ep Happy Damage ‘Sun’ is a gorgeous piece of hazy, lo-fi garage adding to their usual burger menu, all punctuated in the bridge by a thrust full of rock and roll.

You can now even download the lovely little bugger below.

The band recently caught our attention with their brilliant and spontaneous video for the title track of the EP and now ‘Sun’ only confirms our premonitions that Jaccuzi Boys are a vatful of fun, mixed with a little weed and molly, that is a joy to be gorged on by you and your friends.

A party band to the death Jacuzzi Boys know how to get things going. And quickly.