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Jacuzzi Boys Release Video For 'Happy Damage'

The Jacuzzi Boys have released a brand new video to celebrate their upcoming EP Happy Damage as well as the creation of Mag Mag Records. The Miami band waste not time in showing us how to get wasted with the promo for the title track of the EP.

Lo-fi garage punk is the order of the day and Jacuzzi Boys are giving you an extra helping with ‘Happy Damage’ a salt-of-the-earth song full of brash riffs and brattier licks. With a video that show the rock and roll madness which tends to follow them – expect dogs in sunglasses, long hair and sweaty faces plus a host of grimacing grot and the odd firework for good measure.

A long-time favourite of the scene the band are trying to do something a little more primal with their new EP and bring back the feeling of live performance which can so often be missing from modern records.

Based on the footage the main conveyed emotions will be “who’s got a lighter?”, “was that beer or piss?” and “someone get me a ticket for the next show”.