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Jack White releasing two new albums in 2022


The ever-prolific Jack White is one of those artists who just can’t sit still. If he’s not working on his solo music, he’s playing in bands like The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. When he’s not running his Third Man Records indie label, he’s making cameo appearances in movies and TV. When he’s not opening new stores across the globe, he’s shooting goofy meme-ready videos with Jack Black. Do Jack White’s kids ever get to see him or is he just holed up in the Third Man offices all day workshopping new ideas?

Well, those kids will have to wait a little longer, because Papa Jack has some recording to do. Today, the mercurial rock star revealed his intention to release two new studio albums of solo music in 2022.

Not much is known about the two releases, but some of the basics are already hammered out: Fear of the Dawn will be coming on April 8th, while Entering Heaven Alive will be released on July 22nd. Will there be one album of electric material and one of acoustic, mirroring the release of White’s latest single ‘Taking Me Back’? If not, what will the major differences between the two albums be? We’ll just have to sit patiently and find out for ourselves.

The tracklisting reveals some additional interesting tidbits as well. ‘Taking Me Back’ will be featured on Fear of the Dawn, as will a collaboration between White and rapper Q-Tip entitled ‘Hi-De-Ho’. White was previously featured on the tracks ‘Solid Walls of Sound’, ‘Ego’, and ‘The Donald’ from A Tribe Called Quest’s final album We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service.

The tracklisting for Entering Heaven Alive doesn’t have any of those fun connections, at least not after an initial glance. It does have a track called ‘Queen of the Bees’, which I am excited for on name alone.

The two albums will be the official follow-ups to White’s previous solo album Boarding House Reach, which was released back in 2018. In the time since, White has put out an album with The Raconteurs, Help Us Stranger, and contributed guitar to the song ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’ from Tyler, the Creator’s 2019 album IGOR.

Check out the track listings for both Fear of the Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive, plus the new video for ‘Taking Me Back’, down below.

Fear of the Dawn tracklisting:

1. ‘Taking Me Back’
2. ‘Fear of the Dawn’
3. ‘The White Raven’
4. ‘Hi-De-Ho’ [ft. Q-Tip]
5. ‘Eosophobia’
6. ‘Into the Twilight’
7. ‘Dusk’
8. ‘What’s the Trick?’
9. ‘That Was Then (This Is Now)’
10. ‘Eosophobia (Reprise)’
11. ‘Morning, Noon and Night’
12. ‘Shedding My Velvet’

Entering Heaven Alive tracklisting

1. ‘A Tip From You to Me’
2. ‘All Along the Way’
3. ‘Help Me Along’
4. ‘Love Is Selfish’
5. ‘I’ve Got You Surrounded (With My Love)’
6. ‘Queen of the Bees’
7. ‘A Tree on Fire From Within’
8. ‘If I Die Tomorrow’
9. ‘Please God, Don’t Tell Anyone’
10. ‘A Madman From Manhattan’
11. ‘Taking Me Back (Gently)’