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Jack White launches ‘Fear of the Dawn’ with new single

Jack White - 'Fear of the Dawn'

The track wakes you with a similar jolt to sticking your finger in a plughole before your morning coffee, as Jack White seemingly sets about trying to fry his amp like an egg on the back of a shovel over the fires of hell. If launching an album with the title track hints that you’re not messing around, then the song itself screams that message home like a banshee on speed. 

However, it screams that message home with such unabated uproar that you may well be fearing the dawn yourself, just as I was this morning when the adrenalised hum of the record literally rattled the toast out of my hand. Despite being titled ‘Fear of the Dawn’ there is no way this track is set for the yawny hours of daybreak.

So, what about when the afternoon arrives? Well, in all likelihood when this blitzkrieg of jazzed-up blues guitar riffage smashes into your eardrums on a Friday afternoon you’ll either book your place on a marathon and complete it fuelled by the sonic frenzy alone or you’ll wind up plotting a bank heist.  All the while, the riotous musicianship on display remains complete unanalysed as the blur moves by, dishevels your hair, and leaves you sockless asking ‘What the hell was that?’ 

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The song is as frenetic as they come and it represents the epitome of a musician of an artist well past the spring of their career experimenting with music like an alchemist hoping to strike lucky. Whether or not White has whisked up something magic in his wild sonic lab remains a mystery and it may well do for some time—but one thing is for sure: it is a million miles away from being boring or stale which is a credit in itself when so many in his position simply offer up more of the same. 

The album of the same name is set to be released by the star’s own Third Man Records label on April 8th with a second record, the excellently named Entering Heaven Alive, due for release on July 22nd. 

In the press release it was announced that White’s creative process over the last few years had resulted in “two entirely different albums” which are “each defined by different inspirations, different themes [and] different moods”. You can check out the first offering below.