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(Credit: Press / David James Swanson)


Jack White discusses onstage marriage on 'Colbert'


Last night, Jack White wandered into The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to play ‘What’s the Trick?’, from his first of two 2022 albums Fear of the Dawn. It’s just the latest in a long line of appearances White has been making lately, but it pales in comparison to his previous night on promotions on April 8th.

On that day, White performed the National Anthem at the Detroit Tigers’ opening day game. That same night, White and his band kicked off the Supply Chain Issues Tour at Detroit’s Masonic Temple where the singer proposed and got married to his partner Olivia Jean while onstage.

When White sat down with Colbert, he provided a bit of insight into his busy day. “I thought, as the day was going on, if a day had some left turns, maybe it wasn’t the right day. But the day kept going so well! I figured it was a good time.” White also explained that it was Jean’s idea to get married there and then. “I asked her, ‘Do you get married now, or do you wanna wait?’ And she’s like, ‘No! Right now! This is a great day!’”

White was game to talk about anything, from his short crop of blue hair to his lifelong love of upholstery. Colbert also walked down memory lane to recall the time when he, White, and Jean recorded a song together for The Colbert Report back in 2011. ‘Charlene (I’m Right Behind You)’, recorded by Jean’s band The Black Belles, was fondly remembered by the pair as Colbert showed a comical picture of the trio.

White somehow also found the time to dole out some music wisdom given to him by the late great Prince Nelson Rogers. “Don’t let anyone tell you how to play your guitar” was Prince’s invaluable advice, and it seems like White had taken it to heart. White’s Third Man Records are currently in the midst of producing one of Prince’s most legendary unreleased albums, Camille, which was originally abandoned by the artist in 1986.

Check out White performing ‘What’s the Trick?’ and sit down for an interview below.