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(Credit: Jack Antonoff)


Listen to Jack Antonoff remix Spoon’s ‘Wild’

Spoon have unveiled a brand new remix EP including three alternate versions of their song ‘Wild’. One of the remixes was contributed by Jack Antonoff.

The original song was written in collaboration with Antonoff and was released on Spoon’s latest album Lucifer On The Sofa. Antonoff’s latest remix of the track comes a little more refined than the album version, with his considered production skills shining throughout.

The other remixes of ‘Wild’ include a dub rework in collaboration with reggae legend Dennis Bovell and a so-called “thrashy” version that comes with a welcomed distorted and raw feel to it. 

Spoon released Lucifer On The Sofa last month following the initial release of ‘Wild’ as a single which was joined by ‘The Hardest Cut’ and ‘My Babe’. The album came as the Texan indie group’s tenth studio album following 2017’s Hot Thoughts.

In a recent interview, Spoon’s frontman Britt Daniel discussed the group’s revised approach when creating their latest album, which had been a few years in the making.

“While we were out there, we kept discovering that we were playing the songs from the last album better on the road than they were on the record,” Daniel said. “So the idea was to take that energy that you get from playing songs live and being on the road and hashing out the songs, using that energy first.”

“You’re not starting with a demo and building on it; you’re actually getting in a room and experiencing that sound together and working from there. You’re not figuring out the song as you record it. You figure it out, then you record it. That was a big part of it.”

In other news, Antonoff is set to play live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London this June alongside Bleachers, marking their first London performance in nearly five years.

Listen to the new Wild EP below.