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(Credit: Oliver Halfin)


Watch Spoon perform 'The Hardest Cut' on Jimmy Kimmel

Texas alt-rock legends Spoon appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The band performed the rumbling rock and roll number, ‘The Hardest Cut’, taken from their acclaimed new album Lucifer on the Sofa. As part of the set, the band also performed ‘Wild’, ‘Small Stakes’ and ‘Inside Out’, sadly, however, these three tracks were not aired. 

In the run-up to the album’s release last week, the band shared the singles ‘The Hardest Cut’, ‘Wild’ and ‘My Babe’. Spoon will be heading out on the road across the US to support their new album on a Spring tour kicking off in April. 

The performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! can only be described as stellar. A fuzzy, amped-up version of the single, frontman Britt Daniel‘s vocal prowess really comes to the fore during this rendition. His voice is guttural, and as he sings the chorus, it feels as if it might break, harking back to the bluesmen and rock and rollers of old. 

There are flecks of Roky Erickson and Mick Jagger in his vocal delivery, and as for the music, it sounds like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club had a baby with Arcade Fire. If anything, Spoon sound better live than they do on the record, so if they hit a city near you, there’s no reason not to get tickets. 

Britt Daniel sat down with Far Out‘s Tyler Golsen last week to discuss everything Lucifer on the Sofa. Asked about the fresh sound of the album, Daniel said: “I wouldn’t say that there was a stylistic change. It was more about just having time, you know, and we had, uh, we had the idea from the beginning that this needs to be a great rock and roll record. There’s not enough great rock and roll records being made. Records that make you feel real good to put it on.”

“It’s just different. I like it a lot. I’m glad we did it,” Daniel recalled elsewhere. “And I’m glad we went down that path and we kind of pushed out and tried some things we’d never done before, but you always kind of react against react to the last record you’ve made, or at least I do. I felt like we should turn some kind of corner.”

Rating Lucifer on the Sofa 7.8, Golsen concluded: “Lucifer on the Sofa is more than just a new coat of paint for Spoon. It’s a fresh start, and an indication that one of rock’s most reliably great bands is losing none of its potency, even as they creep up on their 30th anniversary. It’s not a world-changing record; rather, it’s just a really, really good Spoon record. That’s more than just admirable – it’s damn fun too.”

Watch the band’ perform ‘The Hardest Cut’ on Kimmel below.