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(Credit: ISLAND)


Island announce new album and share single 'Do You Remember the Times?'

ISLAND - 'Do You Remember the Times?'

Oxford alt-rockers Island have announced the release for their second studio album, Yesterday Park, and just dropped their latest single, ‘Do You Remember the Times?’

The last time we checked in with Island, we were talking about the loud and fuzzy punch-up single ‘Everyone’s The Same’. While covering that, I hypothesized that the recent influx of singles meant that the band were gearing up for a new release. Well, where’s my prize? It’s almost as if previewing new music is usually a sign of more to come. Who knew!

“It’s about how memories exist in our minds in total harmony,” the band says in a press release, “And the way those memories feel from the point of view of the present. Memories of being young and carefree become more and more distant as we grow, but also more rose-tinted. Exploring that feeling is pretty much the central theme of whole album, so it felt like the right time to put this track out there.”

Clattering to life with some clanging percussion, once the song kicks off proper, it’s an overdrive of guitar slides and funky bass lines that feels sleek, stylish, and even a touch wistful. Lyrically, the song evokes the innocence of childhood and the longing for times now long passed. “Do you remember the times/When you said that the city was yours and mine” is an evergreen rock and roll sentiment, but it takes on an added resonance now that we’re all so close to actually being able to get back into the city once again. Singer Rollo Doherty never oversells it, keeping the heightened emotions that he wielded like a flamethrower on ‘Everything’s The Same’ paired back here, instead of going for a more mellow and melancholic yearning that works wonderfully.

Check out the audio for ‘Do You Remember the Times?’ down below. Yesterday Park will be released on June 25. Check out the tracklisting at the bottom.

Yesterday Park Tracklisting

1. Octopus
2. Everyone’s The Same
3. Do You Remember The Times
4. Young Days
5. We Used to Talk
6. Yesterday Park
7. By Your Side
8. The Lines We Follow
9. When I Gave You My Heart
10. This Part of Town
11. My Brother
12. The Way We Love