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(Credit: ISLAND)


ISLAND release new song 'Everyone's The Same'


2018’s Feels Like Air really felt like a culmination for Oxford alt-rockers ISLAND. After a few EP’s and relentless gigging, the band was able to get a fair amount of traction behind singles ‘Try’ and ‘The Day I Die’.

Now, after the release of their first new song of the year ‘Octopus’ comes ‘Everyone’s The Same,’ a pissed off clap back at The Man, man!

“’Everyone’s The Same’ is a song for anyone who’s angry at being told they can’t make any sort of difference or can’t be a positive force for change,” says singer Rollo Doherty. “I’d been getting really frustrated with this idea that as individuals our actions aren’t able to make a difference on the collective impact we’re having on the world, the idea that we’re all destined to have a negative influence on the environment just by existing, and that everyone is equally guilty. But the song is intended to be broader than that, and to capture that feeling of frustration at being told what you’re worth.”

If you liked the fuzzed-out guitar rock of ISLANDS previous material, boy do I have good news for you. The band builds on its established sound to give us another hearty banger with an incredible bass sound and catchy guitar hooks.

‘Octopus’ was dancey and smooth, but ‘Everyone’s The Same’ bristles with explosive energy. It’s cool to see a band that can play with different sounds while still sounding unique to themselves. There’s no pastiche or obvious recycling of influences. Just cool as hell rock and roll.

With two releases a little more than a month apart, it certainly seems like the band is gearing up for an upcoming release. Whether that’s a full length or EP or these are just some one-off singles is yet to be seen, but both ‘Octopus’ and ‘Everyone’s the Same’ are starting to raise excitement levels for more output.

Check out ‘Everyone’s the Same’ below.