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Iron Maiden frontman, Bruce Dickinson, urges fans to get Covid-19 vaccine


Bruce Dickinson, the singer of Iron Maiden, has told fans to “get vaccinated” after he recently tested positive for Covid-19. Dickinson’s advice came after the musician revealed that, despite being double-jabbed, he’d still contracted the virus, and was subsequently forced to cancel the final dates of his spoken word tour.

Dickinson described feeling “a bit groggy, kind of like the flu,” adding, “I’ve pretty much got no doubt that had I not had the vaccine, I could be in serious trouble.”

In a recent interview, Dickinson stressed the importance of getting vaccinated: “My belief is — and I stress, it’s a belief — that this proves that I would have been more sick if I’ve not taken the vaccine. I mean, I had both jabs. Everybody I know has had both jabs. And I’m quite happy about it.”

For Dickinson, there is no reason for people to avoid the vaccine. In the interview, he went on to say that he “honestly [finds] it incredible that some people are still resistant [to vaccines]…I would say, just get vaccinated. And if you do get sick, you won’t get that sick. It’ll just be like a mild case of the flu.”

Dickinson’s comments come after Iron Maiden returned with their first track in six years. Since that single was released back in July, the band has confirmed that their 17th studio album, Senjutsu, will be released later this month.

Elsewhere, Gene Simmons of KISS has also tested positive for Covid-19, forcing the band to cancel more of the dates from their ‘End Of The Road’ tour. Paul Stanley, KISS’ rhythm guitarist, previously tested positive and has since recovered. In a statement, the band wrote: “KISS will postpone their next few tour dates. While Paul Stanley recently tweeted that he had recovered from Covid-19, Gene Simmons has now tested positive and is experiencing mild symptoms.”