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(Credit: Best Friends)


Interview: Best Friends

On Friday the 19th of February, Far Out Magazine will collaborate with Fluffer Records for the launch party of our brand new website in an east London warehouse.

Joining the party will be Pizza Tramp, Leeds’ very own Weirds, Sewer Rats and, headlining the event, Best Friends.

Four bands will play in the middle of the crowd, 360. There’s no stage, no segregation, crowd surrounding the amps.

Far Out’s Konstantina Tzakoniati caught up with Sheffield’s finest to talk about their fears of headlining the event.

Have you ever played a show with no stage with the crowd completely around you like the upcoming London show?

We have often played shows on the floor rather than a stage to dispel the suggestion of us being superior to those in the audience.

We haven’t played a 360 crowd show before though. I’ve seen a video of Metallica doing it so hopefully it will be something like that.

We’ve played house parties but that’s always had a pretty clear “stage”/crowd separation where the lines get a bit blurred towards the front.

What should we expect from the upcoming gig in London?

The songs that are on the album played a bit faster and not as well, accompanied by the cries of thousands of adoring fans losing their fucking minds, and maybe the occasional broken string or bum note.

I’m a bit worried about the health and safety aspects of a 360 degree pit and our amps and stuff being plugged in and creating a trip hazard, but I guess a full risk assessment will have been done, those Fluffers seem like pretty safe guys.

In the words of Stingray: “anything could happen in the next half hour”.

That they are, Fluffer will look after you. But wait, “Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane” – is that you?

Never you mind! It’s the tagline from a film called Thrashin’ which is about Skateboarding. We couldn’t think of a better name for the album so we decided to use one that somebody else had already thought up.

Thrashin’ Trailer.

With Friday in mind, what is the best live experience you’ve had so far?

We played on the New Years Eve just passed in Sheffield and got to do the countdown, set off party cannons and pop champagne on stage, that was a really fun show to do.

We also once played in Toulon on a stage overlooking the harbour, there were these big ferries going past us as we played at sunset, it was magic. We also once played in a skate park in Basel which was really cool.

Talking about touring, is there one experience that you had as a group that you can never forget?

Ed’s car set on fire whilst we were driving once, excellent teamwork and communication skills were required to extinguish the blaze.

Luckily no one was injured and we made the show on time, the car has since been squashed into a cube.

Is there one particular moment that you decided to become a band?

We were bored students with the passion for music and partying, we decided to get together and do that with each other on a regular basis, we made a conscious decision to compromise our degrees for the love of the shred, and now we’re forcing Jonny to do the same.

Your album covers are pretty cool. Who makes them?

Lew Currie, the drummer of Nai Harvest and Thumbuster, supporter of Boro, drinker of Soop, and all round good guy.

Check out some more of Lew Currie’s stuff here. 

For those coming down to the show unaware of your music, how would you characterise your sound in three snappy adjectives? 

Spunky, spasmodic, spam.

Delving a little deeper… If you could have one of your songs as a soundtrack of a film, which song and which film would you pick?

Downfall. That film was really depressing so it might cheer things up a bit.

Finally, name one thing that you like more than music.

Doing interviews, checking emails, communicating through the medium of the written word.

Point taken, cheers fellas. Cya Friday!

Konstantina Tzakoniati.