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Best Friends to headline the Far Out Magazine X Fluffer Pit London warehouse party


One east London warehouse, four bands, 150 people, 360 degree crowd. That is what is waiting for us at the launch of Far Out Magazine’s brand new website in association with the good (and slightly deranged) people of Fluffer Records.

Having seen the carnage, chaos and cacophony of fun of their previous 3 parties we couldn’t be more stoked to be part of their fourth effort and to couple it with our brand new shining website launch. The bands for this event are some of our favourites and embody everything this night will be; raucous, fun and totally fucked up. Expect sweaty bodies, spilt beer and side-splitting sounds all housed in a secret venue.

First up we’ll have Pizza Tramp and their razor sharp brand of punk. A perfect fitting for this stage – no stage at all. mixing their thrashing sound with the thrashing of the crowd will only lead to good times.

* Tickets selling fast and are available here*

Next up is Weirds a band from Leeds who will change the landscape of the sound. Adding an extra layer of texture to what will be a filling evening of rock and roll, a distinctly psyche infused British sound the band will surely tear up an already torn crowd to pieces.

After the more melodic Weirds we have the fury of Sewer Rats. Uncompromising in their sound, Weirds channel their thick grit and riotous riffs to make your ears bleed. (safety warning: your ears probably won’t bleed). With the crowd surrounding the bands this one is going to get rough as hell. You’ll find us in the middle with bruised arms and smiling faces.

Our final act of what is already shaping up to be a hell of a night is the incredible Best Friends. We have been big fans of the band for a long time and couldn’t be happier that they get to our headline our launch party. With tracks such as ‘Shred till Your Dead’ and ‘Cold Shapes’ making their debut LP Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane unmissable, and our Album of the Week we have been happily shuffling our feet to Best Friends with reckless abandon.

With such a heavy night ahead, Best Friends offer us flailing and screaming crescendo a Far Out Fluffer collaboration deserves. Add that to the incredible venue the brilliant bands and Fluffer’s record of throwing a proper fucking shindig we are all in for a treat.

We suggest you get your tickets quickly as this one is filling up real fast. The secret venue will be announced on the day of the event so keep your ears to the ground and listen out for the party. You won’t wanna miss it.