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Best Friends - Shred Til You're Dead

Best Friends the Sheffield bred four piece have announced that they have signed to one of our favourite labels in the business, Fat Cat Records and have done so with the release of ‘Shred Til You’re Dead’ which, with all its raucous riffery has become our Track of the Day for this, the most glorious of ‘hump days’.

Apart from feeling dirty for using the phrase ‘Hump Day’ Best Friends have managed to add a gloss of puke coloured shimmer to an otherwise uneventful day of the week. Not only have they signed to Fat Cat Records but by doing so have not lost any of their roughness. Fat Cat Records seemed to have only polished this diamond in the rough.

The DIY ethos that surrounds the band are what make this release comparable to their earlier efforts. Tracks like ‘Happy Anniversary’ endeared them to a beer swilling and riotous audience and they will not be disappointed by this piece.

They are forceful and unabashed claiming both casual affection and solid determination to create a sound full of punk attitude but song-writing craft. After all, what are Best Friends for?


Jack Whatley