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(Credit: Joost Evers / Anefo)


Ingmar Bergman film 'Faithless' set for TV adaptation

Television has become an interesting medium for conducting adaptations of cinematic classics, with many such projects garnering acclaim. Last year, HBO released the miniseries adaptation of the Ingmar Bergman masterpiece Scenes from a Marriage and it looks like another such production is around the corner.

According to the latest reports, Tomas Alfredson – director of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – has taken on the challenge of making a TV adaptation of Faithless. The film was actually directed by Liv Ullmann who made it based on a script by Bergman himself and it explored the vices committed by Bergman during his lifetime.

While recalling the origin of the project, Alfredson said: “Sometime during the winter of 2001, I contacted Ingmar Bergman and asked if I could reinterpret his story. Initially he said it sounded like ‘a drunken idea’ but the longer we talked about it, he thought it sounded both ‘terribly exciting’ and ‘really shitty.'”

It has been more than two decades since that initial conversation but Alfredson feels as if the moment has finally come to present this unique project to the world. Talking about the opportunity, the director said that “now it is finally time to make a television series of Ingmar Bergman’s shocking love triangle drama.”

Recognising the challenges of adapting such a film to the medium of miniseries, Alfredson also admitted: “I have a hard time seeing that I have ever faced a bigger task and promise that I will lift my hat for what has been and roll up my sleeves for what will be.”

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