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(Credit: Charlie Boss)


Indigo de Souza shares new single 'Hold U'

Indigo de Souza - 'Hold U'

American indie artist Indigo de Souza has shared the latest single from her upcoming second album, Any Shape You Take, with the highly danceable new song ‘Hold U’.

The rollout of Any Shape You Take is making some exciting turns. The first single, ‘Kill Me’, was a straight shot of explosive energy, a welcome return from an exciting young artist. Instrumentally and lyrically similar to the songs on I Love My Mom, specifically the anxiety-filled rush of ‘How I Get Myself Killed’, ‘Kill Me’ worked to remind all of us of what we were missing with de Souza’s absence.

With ‘Hold U’, de Souza plots a crucial step in her artistic evolution. Previous songs like ‘What Are We Gonna Do Now’ and ‘Sick in the Head’ were strummy guitar jams, positioning her directly in line with alternative rock sounds and styles. ‘Hold U’ is different, closer to the spacey bedroom pop R&B songs of the modern-day than the grungy Pavement-adjacent sound of her previous material.

Once ‘Hold U’ kicks into gear, with funky drum rhythms and busy guitar lines, the song starts to battle between its two different sides: the sparse and floating keyboards rub against the frantic and melodic six string lines. It doesn’t quite explode like it feels like it might be building towards, but the two different styles end up mixing harmoniously by the time it’s all said and done.

‘Hold U’ could easily be a point of contention for anyone won over by de Souza’s previous dedication to fuzzy guitar-based rock and roll. This song is, most assuredly, not a rock song. But that’s ok: ‘Hold U’ is the sound of an artist attempting to branch out and see if they can successfully take on new areas they haven’t covered yet. ‘Hold U’ may not be my favourite song de Souza has ever put, but it does open the door for her to explore new genres and take on new sounds, which makes me excited for the future.

Check out the video for ‘Hold U’ down below. Any Shape You Take will be released on August 27.