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(Credit: Lindsay Melbourne)


IDLES bring the doom and gloom with new track 'Sodium'

IDLES - 'Sodium'

Bristol indie rockers IDLES have released a new song for DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack, the intensely atmospheric ‘Sodium’.

There are plenty of descriptors that would fit ‘Sodium’ well: industrial, spacey, aggressive, ever so slightly disconcerting. Just be warned: “melodic” will not be among them. Frontman Joe Talbot was never really much of a traditional “lead singer” but more of a communicator, whether that communication is in the form of a low rumbling narration or a blood-curdling scream. He gets to explore both vocal styles here, to wonderfully unnerving effect, as lines like: “They say fame is a hell of a drug/Until they peel the wings of a dove/It’s a losing streak I’m on” pour on the heady imagery.

DC’s Dark Nights: Death Metal comic book series is getting a stacked line-up to provide its soundtrack. We’ve already talked about Chelsea Wolfe’s ‘Diana’, but artists like Soccer Mommy, Rise Against, Manchester Orchestra, and Mastodon are all contributing as well. I’ve never heard of a graphic novel receiving a tie-in soundtrack, but if this is the one to set the precedent, I’m excited to hear more artists provide the backing tracks to Batman kicking ass in Gotham City.

For what it’s worth, the plot of the comic book seems a lot more heavily detailed than simple “Batman kicks ass in Gotham City”. For anyone who doesn’t follow the plot lines of various comic book storylines closely, like me, it can seem overwhelming and incredibly confusing. It’s not just “Batman kicks ass”, but certain versions of Batman kick the various asses of heroes and villains that I have never heard of and have no relation to any narratives that I am familiar with. I’m just going to stick with the soundtrack, personally, because it seems pretty enjoyable separated from the vast and time-consuming rabbit hole that the comics themselves would seem to be.

Check out the audio for ‘Sodium’ down below.