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Credit: Lindsay Melbourne


IDLES announce their third album is already being worked on


After swooping in and delivering not only one of the most poignant and perfectly positioned records of the year, but our all-time album of 2018, Bristol band IDLES took to social media to announce a new record was already being worked on.

They used their Twitter page to announce that the follow-up to Joy As An Act of Resistance was being worked on via a beautifully written Haiku, as is their way.

The band’s third album will have a lot of work to do to beat the band’s second which we described as: “The array of topics tackled with sincerity and knowledge is not only promising from a musical point of view, but one hopes from a social point of view. The title of the album is the most poignant in this regard, Joy as an Act of Resistance is the point of the album, the point of the band, and should be the point we are willing to push through the armour of an establishment so dependant on our despair.

On their second record, IDLES have shown that they’re growing, they’re showing off their political and poetic prowess, they are proving themselves on every track and they are, without a doubt, the most exciting band in the country right now.”