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Iceland police issue warning to Northern Lights chasers

Police have released a warning for visitors to Iceland, the roads are very dangerous and people need to be extra careful. Iceland is inundated with Northern Lights chasers during this time of the year and, spending a night gazing at the spectacular lights, is a treat for many people and is one of the main reasons people choose to visit Iceland’s magnificent landscape.

However, local police have advised visitors that lack of experience in the sometimes extreme weather conditions of Iceland can be very dangerous for inexperience drivers. With narrow, winding and icy roads it unsurprising that authorities have warned people to be careful when visiting Iceland.

Statistics from last year alone show that of the 18 people who died in 2018 in car crashes – half were foreigners. Akureyri Police Superintendent Johannes Sigfusson, said: “Weather and road conditions are one thing but it also comes down to very problematic behaviour with some tourist drivers. Like when hitting the brake on the middle of a road for a sudden photo opportunity, with little or no warning for following drivers.

He added: “In the dark, when the Northern Lights are out, this is an even greater hazard. This is something that is unusual for many of our foreign guests,” he added.

If you are planning a trip to Iceland this winter, make sure you think about your travelling needs beforehand.

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