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(Credit: Iceage)


Iceage share new song 'High & Hurt'


Danish power punks Iceage have released a new song, ‘High & Hurt’, which is the first song featured on Adult Swim’s Singles 2021 collection.

Iceage are a favourite here at Far Out, and we’ve covered them throughout the rollout of their new LP Seek Shelter. Their previous releases ‘Gold City’, ‘Shelter Song’, ‘The Holding Hand’ and ‘Vendetta’ showed a progression past the exclusively loud and fast formula that the band had made their name on up to this point. Retaining all the wild energy of their past work while branching out with a greater variation in dynamics and a warmer embrace of melody, the material on Seek Shelter isn’t so much the “mature” version of Iceage as it is the progressive and evolved version of their signature sound.

Adult Swim, meanwhile, has a surprisingly long and varied history with indie, underground, and alternative music. The electronic and lo-fi instrumentals that the network has used for their bumpers over the years were once famously produced and curated by Flying Lotus, and the network has spearheaded collaborations with Killer Mike, Madlib, Little Dragon, among others. Their commitment to music has resulted in the creation of their own independent record label, Williams Street Records, and the Singles series has been going strong since 2016. This year the series is set to feature artists like Dawn Richard, KeiyaA, Pink Siifu, Moor Mother, Jlin, and Chromeo, a number of whom have worked with the network and its shows previously.

Iceage get the destination and honour of being the lead single off the collection. ‘High & Hurt’ is something I never thought Iceage could be: funky. Or at least it’s a demented and warped version of funk, filtered through the band’s singular spit and snarl. Ultimately, it’s just one more reason to be excited about having new material from the band.

Check out ‘High & Hurt’ below. Seek Shelter is out now.