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(Credit: Iceage)


Iceage warm up on their new single 'Shelter Song'

Iceage - 'Shelter Song'

Danish indie punk’s Iceage have returned with their new track and accompanying video, ‘Shelter Song.’

The video is set in a place that none of us has probably seen in well over a year: an honest to god party. Remember parties? Remember friends? Me neither.

At least that’s where we start. Halfway through, we cut to the light of day and some moments of human connection as the song comes crashing to its conclusion. Man, is this what’s happening in Denmark? No COVID, parties, people who genuinely seem to like each other?

‘Shelter Song’ is in service of the band’s upcoming fifth album Seek Shelter. The quartet have been thoroughly moved away from the punk roots, most clearly shown on their 2011 debut New Brigade, an album that still rips to this day. As most punks do, Iceage have gotten a little older, a little less angry, and decided that breakneck tempos and chaos aren’t the most stable elements to sustain a career.

Instead, we get some optimism and introspection. People mature, you know? Even rebellious kids eventually have to handle the responsibilities of adult life, and ‘Shelter Song’ invokes a kind of protection and love that weren’t around on older tracks like ‘Broken Bone’ and ‘You’re Nothing’. That light at the end of the video extends to the song as a whole: “They beat you from the left, they hit you from the right/Come lay here right beside me.” Iceage are starting to turn a little warm and fuzzy.

Not that they can’t still be a kick ass rock band with a ton of distortion and a pisser attitude — but that’s not what they have to be exclusively, forever and ever, amen. ‘Shelter Song’ is an extension of what the band has been doing since 2014’s Plowing Into the Field of Love. Namely, finding the softer, more melodic elements that can either complement or contrast their rougher edges. Is that maturity? Or maybe just progression? Whatever it is, it sounds great, so no complaints here.

Check out the video for ‘Shelter Song,’ as well as the tracklisting for Seek Shelter, which is due out on May 7th, down below.

Seek Shelter tracklisting:

1. Shelter Song
2. High & Hurt
3. Love Kills Slowly
4. Vendetta
5. Drink Rain
6. Gold City
7. Dear Saint Cecilia
8. The Wider Powder Blue
9. The Holding Hand