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Hugh Grant tells Nigel Farage to "go f*** yourself” in response to 'net-zero referendum'


Floppy-haired 1990s heartthrob and one-time fictional prime minister, Hugh Grant, has issued a very blunt response to the former UKIP party leader Nigel Farage’s call for a net-zero referendum. Farage recently took to Twitter to declare: “I am launching a new campaign to kill of Boris Johnson’s ruinous green agenda,” adding: “We demand a referendum on Net Zero,” to which Grant replied, “go f*** yourself”.

Farage coupled his post on social media with a screenshot of a The Mail on Sunday article, in which he gives more details about his Britain Means Business campaign, founded by himself and Leave Means Leave co-founder Richard Tice. The campaign aims to scrap the UK government’s green policy, which Farage has described as a “scandal of epic proportions”.

While no longer a member of parliament, Farage is manoeuvring to undermine Boris Johnson’s climate policy, joining a number of Tory MPs who continue to criticise parliament’s efforts to bring the UK to net-zero emissions.

Hugh Grant made his feelings about Farage’s new Brexit-style campaign, taking to Twitter to write: “Russian warship – go f*** yourself”. The government announced its net-zero targets back in Autumn 2021, ahead of the widely-criticised Cop26 climate talks, which many activists regarded as a failure.

The policy is one of the few concrete plans Johnson’s government has to tackle climate change. It outlines the UK’s aims to reach a target of net-zero emission by 2050. However, some have warned that the plan doesn’t provide sufficient incentives or policies to actually allow the transformation to take place.

Farage’s Britain Means Business campaign isn’t alone in criticising the government’s climate policy. Within the government, a collection of Tory MPs called the Net Zero Scrutiny Group (NZSG) are also on the warpath. Although they believe in the facts surrounding the climate crisis, they argue that the government’s net-zero targets are too ambitious and will damage the livelihoods of already impoverished families. Both Farage and the NZSG have been accused of climate change denial.