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(Credit: Ryan Arnst)


Howard Stern producer highlights rise of Covid-19 at Phish concert

Phish recently got to honour their postponed their Madison Square Garden residency, having delayed it due to rising concerns over the Omnicron variant. Over the past few days, there have been reports of concert-goers contracting positive Covid tests to their attendance at the event. Among those listed is Howard Stern Show executive producer Jason Kaplan, who advised listeners to call in with their experiences of the show itself.

“I got no one to blame but myself,” Kaplan said on-air. He then admitted he had been at the after-party, where heavy nitrous use was apparent. “It’s out there, it’s still happening… Nothing is worth getting [Covid-19] for, but it was an awesome show.” Music industry veteran Harvey Leeds said the atmosphere was ripe for the spread of coronavirus, citing the close proximity and crowds as reasons for the rise of Covid-19.

Leeds likened the event to a cattle market, suggesting that the people lined up in an effort to get the disease. He said he watched vape pens, beers and joints being passed around by the crowds in front of them. Photographer Jeff Kravitz confirmed Leeds’ version of the events, stating people caught the virus, even if they were wearing masks at the event.

Commentators went on Twitter to state that they had caught the virus, following the concert. As it happens, the concerts represented the change in direction the entertainment industry was supposedly spearheading, as it opened itself up to the public eye once more. Whether or not the revelation of this news will change the course of concerts in the near future has yet to be seen.

Phish‘s upcoming spring and summer tour will take place in an outside venue, which should hopefully halt the spread of the virus. The tour will start off next month and will feature stints in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Toronto, and in other areas. Phish were formed in Vermont, consisting of guitarist Trey Anastasio, bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Jon Fishman.

Their debut, Junta, was released in 1989, launching the band on a career. Their most recent album, Sigma Oasis, was released in 2020.