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(Credit: Jordan Hemingway)


How Lana Del Rey inspired Wolf Alice's Ellie Rowsell

Wolf Alice are a dynamic and hard hitting alt rock band that synthesize well over four decades of rock and roll history into a fresh new combination of sounds. Earlier this week, lead singer Ellie Rowsell went on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music show to discuss the artists that had the biggest influence on the band’s latest album Blue Weekend.

“In terms of production occasionally we’ve been…I remember Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ultraviolence’,” Rowsell explains. “That album often comes up a lot because I think it uses all organic instruments but the songs are quite pop, aren’t they? The same way Fleetwood Mac, they’re a guitar band, but they’re also a rock band, but there’s songs that are very poppy in a way. So yeah, those two and yeah, lots of things here and there, but nothing really, there was no one thing that we were trying to emulate.”

“Well, as a vocalist I love her because I like how one song will sound like a different person,” she continues. “She really uses her voice in all its scope. I love that. Because I often thought they were like… It’s quite weird, how she sings it, isn’t it? And I love that. Sometimes I feel like when you do something weird that no one would pick it out, and often, those are the things ..the weird way you do things.”

Speaking to Lowe about her personal attachment to the lyrics on Blue Weekend, Rowsell explained that although the real life drama on albums from Fleetwood Mac could have parallels with her own writing, this won’t be that damning and pretentious term “confessional songwriting”.

“I’m also kind of struggling, I think because these lyrics, like you say, it’s really personal, and yet I feel like I haven’t really changed the way in which I work, in a sense that I might build from something personal, but I’m very aware that I am then… yeah, opening up for everyone else. And so then I’m like, oh… It doesn’t feel personal in that respect. I’m not exposing my diary. I’m building something for an audience that is not a verbatim of my history or whatever.”

Check out the full interview, below. Blue Weekend will be released on June 4.