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How Jack White convinced Prince's estate to let him issue unreleased record


Jack White of The White Stripes and owner of Third Man Records, has set out with the goal of publishing one coveted unreleased album, and the results look favourable.

In corresponding with Prince’s estate, Jack White has managed to convince them to allow Third Man Records the rights to release Camille, Prince’s 1986 record that has yet to see the light of day.

In an interview with Mojo, the label’s co-founder Ben Blackwell broke the news about their acquisition of the rights. Although they’ve yet to announce any concrete details regarding a release date, Blackwell did comment, “We’re finally going to put it out. Prince’s people agreed — almost too easy.”

Since the statement, both Prince’s estate and Third Man Records have been relatively quiet regarding the news, perhaps in preparation for the release to come. 

The album, which features eight songs, and although a handful of test-pressings of the album were made, they decided to forego a full release. Prince originally intended to put the album out under the name of his feminine alter ego, appropriately named Camille, as the record demonstrated the beginnings of his experimentation with pitch-shifting his vocals.

Even though there has never been an official release, the test pressings of Camille have become highly valued in the decades since, often popping up at auctions. Jack White allegedly paid $49,375 for his copies of the album. “We had to show we had some skin in the game,” he said regarding the purchase.

Although many of the songs from the album made their way to the public consciousness regardless—via other albums or singles, the album itself is still a coveted commodity, and it looks like the public might get a chance to listen in its entirety soon enough.