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Jack White calls on major labels to be “a part of the solution” for vinyl crisis


Of course, vinyl has been technically obsolete for quite some time now. But with the push toward physical art all the more prescient in the digital age, and vinyl sales doubling between 2020 and 2021, the call for those precious pieces of plastic grow larger each day. Now, Third Man Records owner and The White Stripes frontman Jack White has called on major labels to do their fair share,

In a recent post, Jack White has shared his opinions on the vinyl crisis, calling for major labels to build vinyl processing plants in order to ease the burden on smaller bands trying to make ends meet through music.

White starts out by explaining, “At least once a week, without fail, someone will reach out asking me to help expedite their vinyl record manufacturing. It’s a natural thought… knowing that I own a pressing plant and have my own record label, ‘if anyone could help, it’s this guy!'”

He goes on to say that the supply chain issues and manufacturing stalls have lengthened wait times and processing of vinyl, “These timelines are the killers of momentum, soul, artistic expression, and far too often, livelihoods.”

Therefore, White has put out a call for corporate support on this issue, stating, “In this spirit, I turn to our collegial big brothers in the music world, Sony, Universal, and Warner, and politely implore them to help alleviate this unfortunate backlog and start dedicating resources to build pressing plants themselves.”

In the companion video to this post, Jack White speaks to the popularity of vinyl and its fading, “It’s 2022 now, and [vinyl] is no longer a fad. Vinyl records have exploded in the last decade, and their demand is incredibly high. A small punk band can’t get their record for eight to ten months.” 

It’s clear that he’s applying to the culture of punk and independent music, but what remains to be seen is the larger support that can hold these ideals afloat.

He signs off by saying, “I truly believe that with a good faith investment in the infrastructure that got us here, we can continue on this upward trajectory and further inspire the worlds around us.”

If you want to check out the full video, you can do so here.