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(Credit: Taylor Clark)


Hovvdy drop the stellar new single 'Town'

Hovvdy - 'Town'

It’s not often that you review a band and are blown away. However, this morning I was pleasantly surprised to hear the new single ‘Town’ from Texas duo, Hovvdy. A fusion of American Football-esque midwestern emo and the Alex G type of lo-fi indie, it really is something sweet. Featuring luscious production and an earworm of a vocal melody, for those of you that haven’t heard it, I suggest you plug in immediately. 

It seems as if the more mellow acoustic guitar-driven type of lo-fi hasn’t totally had its day yet, with bands such as Hovvdy and caroline emerging from out of nowhere, wrapping us up in their warm sounds. Interestingly though, Hovvdy have actually been around since 2014, but it’s only in the past year that they’ve started to gain the attention they deserve. 

‘Town’ was co-produced by the band alongside Andrew Sarlo, the man behind cuts from Big Thief, Bon Iver and Dijon. Sarlo’s influence has clearly kept the band in line with their eminent American counterparts, who do the style so well, and the heady textures on ‘Town’ really are incredible. The new single was written following their critically acclaimed album True Love, which dropped in October 2021. 

“Writing and recording ‘Town’ helped me break out of a relatively dark place,” says Charlie Martin of the band. “There was catharsis in almost every layer — I remember crying recording the mellotron flutes. I’m not sure why, but with ‘Town’ I wanted the instrumental to do the heavy lifting, leaning less on storytelling. In that way, the song’s meaning isn’t terribly specific, but for me it’s about missing your friends and hoping they miss you.”

It’s set to be a tremendous year for the band. Just last month, they released the equally as excellent single, ‘Everything’. To support the new material, Hovvdy are heading out on a US tour, supported by Molly Parden and Mini Trees. Tickets are on sale here.

Keep an eye on Hovvdy, as they’re sure to explode very soon.

Listen to ‘Town’ below.